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Monday, January 08, 2007

Kevin Hynes Promotes FCA at AFCA

By: Kevin "Chappy" Hynes, Chaplain, University of Georgia

I’m here for several reasons, the main being we have a chaplains’ conference in conjunction with the AFCA. Grant Teaff and the staff here have been such wonderful hosts to us. The Collegiate Chaplain program has really gained momentum in the last 5 years. Many coaches are seeing the importance of having a spiritual mentor (Chaplain) on the team. I’m out here to meet up with the other chaplains to discuss ministry and glean wisdom from them. I’m also here to promote the
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) to coaches. Many people ask me what I do as the Chaplain at Georgia. In response I tell them that I love these players and coaches. First and foremost I’m a servant to all and here’s how I love them.

L- Listen
O- Offer Biblical teaching with a Christian world view
V- Value
E- Encourage

There are many dynamics to being a Chaplain but I attempt to obey the scriptures by just loving God and loving people. I also have a Head Coach (
Mark Richt) who loves God and promotes the Chaplain program which allows me the freedom to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here at the convention I help FCA and others to share the vision with coaches and encourage them to incorporate a Chaplain into their programs.

To learn more about Chappy’s ministry at Georgia, please go to


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he came to my middle school for our veterans day ceremony

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you had a good time at T4G as you were being rude to the man who was trying to translate RC's message. i guess the word of God should only be heard in english and for your ears only.

4:00 PM  

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